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How to get your app featured in iOS app community or Itune store

Hello guys. Welcome once again and our team would like to thank each of you for reading our blogs. We have covering android apps for some time now and that’s why we thought to start with iOS apps now. The App Store as you know is a dynamic place. Every day new apps enter and many leave too, some due to competition and others due to long inactivity. It is tough to get your apps listed in the app store and honestly it is even tougher to keep on moving up the app chart. There are about 2 million apps in the iOS Store alone and it currently is the second largest app store earn free talktime; the largest app store with 3.5 million plus apps is the Google Play Store. This number is expected to double fold in the upcoming years at least by the end of 2020. This clearly signifies the untapped opportunities lying in app development and also the competition that is about to get even brutal. These trends clearly show that there is enough potential in the iOS Store and therefore you can invest your time and money in developing an app for the iOS Store. There are certainly few hindrances and many of you would be starting for the very first time. And therefore to make things easy for you, we will help you in giving a framework of the steps that you need to take during app development and submission in the iOS Store.

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The App Development stage

This is indeed the most fundamental step of the whole journey. The first and foremost thing to do is to make sure that you decide on the app content. Do you want to develop an app or do you want to make an app for messaging. The most essential thing while making this decision is that you know your market. Don’t go with an app that you think is easy to make. Figure out an idea that will work in the market and it should have a potential to win audience. That is the most important of all aspects. After you have an idea, brainstorm what all features you want to keep in your app. Take a look at the market. Figure out which apps offer similar features and come up with features that are currently not present in the app market. An unique app is bound to perform better and therefore don’t skip a single chance to make your app as different and unique as you can make honest money earning app.

The next step is finding your competitors and learn where they have failed. Is it the app interface or is the simplicity of use. Learn from their flaws and try to incorporate those learning in your app. Don’t hesitate to consult people and make sure you come with up with a flawless design.

The UI or the User Interface again is very important. Keep the UI simple and easy to use. Design a good and professional looking logo and invest some time in creating a nice content for your app. After that is done. Write down an unique description of your app and highlight the important aspects of your app. This will come in handy during the app promotion stage.

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